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Laser Prostatectomy

An out-patient procedure for  the treatment of urinary bladder  obstruction due to  BPH.  Safe, Effective, and convenient for the patient.

BPH procedure with Thulium laser

  • no bleeding ,
  • no blood transfusion
  • Less risk of  blood fluid- electrolyte  imbalance
  • no problems with patients taking anticoagulant
  • medications
  • return to home, with catheter, within 12 hours following surgery

Out-patient charges only

BPH procedure with TURP electrosurgery

  • major bleeding,
  • need blood transfusion
  • More risk of blood  fluid -electrolyte imbalance
  • requires the interruption of anticoagulant medications
  • return to home not earlier than 72 hours
  • removal of the catheter no earlier than 72 hours

Hospital in-patient charges additional

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